Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clue #2 - Not Done!

But close.
Slightly more than halfway through assembling the halves. Initially I was having flashbacks to the chevrons from CS - but then they sort of took on a life of their own. Someone, I think on Facebook said that they reminded her of Good n Plenty - and they really are like candy! I used method 2 - with the Easy Angle ruler and trying to carefully line the triangles up to the sides of the diamonds. The hardest part is trying to get that corner to be sharp - the corner that separates the two halves.

These are so much fun to play with!

And in the mail this week -----

She autographed them!!!!  I didn't want to ask, because I thought she'd have too many book orders, but I was so touched to see that she did it anyway.  Really, the sap that I am, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Bonnie, you're the best!.

 Boy, these things are addicting!

I'm linking up, just under the deadline for the second time.

See everyone else's progress at the Grand Illusion Link-up for Clue #2.

Now off to make dinner...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Yay, Its started!!!

Christmas has come early!!

I have been waiting all year for this! I even got my Celtic Solstice top assembled, although not photographed - too rainy to take good pics.

I did finish completely the quilt I made for my in-laws. This was from a pattern I purchased through Craftsy, called Radiant Jewel - designed by Kimberly Einmo. I made it a little bigger than the original pattern called for - which meant I had to buy more fabric - so sad.

For the back I bought a piece of those wide backing fabrics, but decided that I wanted to add some of the extra blocks down the middle. The quilting is not too innovative - I am struggling trying to maneuver a large quilt in my sewing machine. Smaller blocks are so much easier. Maybe I need a long arm? Santa, are you listening?

But my most fun was starting Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt - Grand Illusion!!!

My pinks look more red than they really are in these photos - I've not been able to figure out how to tone down the red on my camera. I was very careful with my seam, trying to get the correct size with nearly no sliver-trimming - Last year when I did CS - I sewed with a skinny seam and trimmed down all the blocks. I thought that this would give me the best chance of accuracy - Silly me! It wasn't until I had to assemble the blocks that I realized that I was cutting off my points - even if I tried to continue with the skinny seams. Grrrrr (Insert mad face)!  A painful lesson to learn and one that I am applying now. With the first HSTs - I measured to make sure that I could be as accurate as possible. I have a guide on my machine that is very helpful. Overall, a little more slow going - and they're still all not perfect, but they're the best I can do right now. And they made me very happy!

This pic taken with my phone has a better representation of the pinks.

I'm all done with Clue #1 and am waiting for tomorrow - #2 here I come!!

Off to cook dinner.