Monday, May 11, 2015

Moving right along...

I'm going to to to document my progress on my quilts.

Maybe in setting goals and documenting what I have done, I can get more done, because otherwise it feels like a snail's pace.

Currently I'm on hold on my sister's quilt.

Its obviously a medallion quilt. I'm sort of stuck on the next border. And I also need to consider what the final size will be. So - on hold for a bit.

I've finally finished the backing for Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion. I did talk my daughter into taking it, if I let her chose the backing fabric, which naturally wasn't on sale. I made some improv type blocks and bordered them and pieced the back together. In this way I should enough left over to make her some "decorative pillows" - she loves those.

These are pictures of the basting process. I used the tiles of the floor to figure out the center of my quilt. Each layer was folded into quarters, which enabled me to place the center of the quilt on my pre-determined center on he floor. It is a bit ambitious, but I'm not going to stress out too much if the front and back do not line up perfectly.

Trying to flatten those seems just a bit more.

My son is upset that I waste perfectly good duct tape in this way.

Grand Illusion going down.

The backing is tight. Not much room for error.
 I've realized that there is a part of the quilting process that I do not enjoy - pin basting. My knees, my butt, my hands - not loving it.  But at least it's ready to quilt !!! Yippee!!

I also went on some nice walks last week and saw some interesting creatures...
My husband and I uncreatively call this turtle log.

I'm not sure who was more surprised, him or me!

Anyway, off to quilt....