Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wow, its been a while - Clearly I'm a sucky blogger...

But I have been checking out lots of cool stuff and following along.

I'm doing Leah Day's Building Block Quilt Along. And am nearly caught up...

These are some of my favorite blocks.

I've also realized that I suck at circles. Oof, its bad!  Wiggle, waggle. Blech.

Also caught up on Amy Gibson's Sugar Block Club. I went a little cuckoo, myself,  for paper-piecing.

This last one was not so successful and may end up being re-done. I wanted more contrast between the orange Kaffe Fabric and the blue. It actually reads a little better in the pic, because for some reason reds and oranges are deeper when photographed on my camera.

I also started and finished the top of Kimerly Einmo's Mystery Radiant Jewel Quilt from Craftsy. (which I bought last November :-[ )  I did make it a little bigger by adding one row and column. Which meant that I had to purchase more fabric - it was such a hardship.....heh heh heh.

August? Bring it!

Off to quilt...