Thursday, February 6, 2014

Continuing on my quilty journey...

I'm still working CS. Currently assembling the blocks, but I've decided I had to start some new projects as well.

I joined Amy Gibson's The Sugar Block Club for 2014 and I have yet to make either January of February or any to the treats she has posted. Boo!! This will change this month!!!

I have also joined up and downloaded Leah Day's Building Blocks Quilt Along and I have finished January's quilting and February's piecing!!!  Yay!! Caught up!

My wiggly line is a little too wiggly.
This one was very much fun to do

The backsides..

I struggled a bit trying to make the points line up after pressing my seams open.


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So, since many of the fabric I'm using are fat quarters I did not prewash in an attempt to avoid the horrible unraveling. I have been testing for colorfastness by placing pieces of the colored fabric in water with a piece of white fabric.  Well, I got burned, or so I thought.

I left my bowl with my snips of background, the green and the white for two days. And on the second day the white fabric had a bluish cast. I panicked. By this time I had pieced and cut all the backs for February's three blocks and I already had January done. So I decided that I better wash everything now to avoid a big problem down the road. (I've done that and now my son has a quilt with some muddy purple blocks, but a really beautiful red flannel backing …can you hear the sarcasm?) I washed al the dark fabrics together with a color catcher as well as the completed quilted blocks. The quilted blocks are still their proper color! Yay!!. They're just a little wrinkly now. I wonder if I can still use them in this quilt? maybe I'll press them out and see what they look like.

I'm also going to link up to Cat Patches 2014 New FO Challenge! Yay I love starting new things!!

Off to quilt…