Friday, March 28, 2014

I've been busy, really

The biggest hurdle was piecing the back of the Under the Stars quilt.  Silly me, I just assumed that the yardage "package" sold at the Craftsy site was the correct amount needed for the entire back, but when I went to measure it out realized that, yikes, it was only 4 yards. Then I thought, Oh, that must be a mistake and went to look on the site - nope, they sold it in 4 yard increments. Grrrr!. Well, then I thought that I would just use up my scraps from the front and make a special back, because that's where the love is. Which turned out to be a lot of fun.

Then, after carefully lining up the the verticals I pin basted. So, then, what to quilt? I didn't want to do stitch in the ditch, because, as Weeks Ringle says in her Craftsy course, it is a wasted opportunity to add something more to your quilt. And since I'm doing Leah Day's Building Block free motion quilt along, I felt inspired to try to free motion flowers on the stars and curves along the red squares. I did initially SITD the main blocks to hold everything together, but I used wash away thread, so that it came out when washed.

 Here is the result.


Back without flash to try to see quilting


Front,  can't see quilting on red squares

Back, quilting over piecing

Front, quilting on squares!
 Now, all that's left is to label it and ship it off to my parents. Whew!

I also am finally caught up on Amy Gibson's 2014 Sugar Block Club! Yay!



Holy Smokes! These were fun to make! Especially after "stressing out" about my fabric choices. In the end I went with a darker second background. We'll see how that plays out.

And finally, not quite done with all of Leah's blocks for March.
The white fabric all looks pink in these photos.

Wonky circles, Grrr

This one is still on the machine

This one is still pinned.
Here's the link back to Leah's Friday Link-up.

And I am so slowly piecing together the blocks of Bonnie Celtic Solstice.

I'll also link up to Cat Patches New FO Challenge, when it goes live on Monday.

Off to quilt!