Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice Link Up #6

The reveal of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice quilt was gorgeous!!!! So gorgeous that I was kicking myself for not making the larger version. Also, I didn't think my fabric choices were playing all that well. So my solution was to make more blocks to mediate the fighters and make my quilt bigger! Yay!

I decided to add two more rows and two more columns. My version should be in-between Bonnie's smaller and larger version. For the neutral blue Tri-recs I will pick darker blues to help define the neutrals. I will pick more red and deep/dark pinks in place of the oranges. Will try to make the greens a bit more friendly to each other.

I'll need to make:
64 Neutral and Blue Tri-recs - done
24Red and Blue Tri-recs - done
64 Chevrons
128 HST - 16 pinwheels and 64 free guys for Clue 5 - next today?
80 Four patches - done
64 more Clue 5

Hard to see that upper left is deep pink

Hopefully not too Christmassy

Reds playing with oranges

And then I noticed the greens...
 And I thought to myself, "You idiot!" All this time I was focusing on the orange and red line moving up diagonally and there was a green line moving in the opposite direction!!

So, rearrange, rearrange, rearrange…

Because I want those greens and the reds to be present.

Ugh, wish I had more wall space to make a bigger design wall.

I did peek at the other link-ups at the link party - everyone is so inspiring!

Off to quilt.

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